Veca is a company building up and developing a model and a solution which connects all subjects in the recycling ecosystem.

For companies, Veca is their solution of collecting packagings explicitly for EPR purpose. Besides, IEC Awareness programs with a lot of Information, Education and Communication awareness activities in recycling for environmental protection, bring a positive change in consumer behaviour.

For sellers and pickers, Veca is an answer for waste disposal including the collection, transport and management. Veca application, the first digital application for scraps in Vietnam, is totally free for the convenience and explicitness of sellers and supporting pickers to increase incomes.

VECA model, the model of purchasing industrial scraps effectively, explicitly and professionally, is directly connected with scrap treatment stations and recycling plants in order to promote the chain of waste sorting, collecting and recycling to be a part of the circular economy.



Veca is developing The Veca scrap & industrial waste center in efficiency, explicitness, and profession. The Veca center particularly collects different kinds of waste materials such as iron, steel, nickel, copper, stainless steel, plastic, and paper which come from plants, factories, companies, stores, ect. with the volume from 5kgs to the biggest. And the low-valued scraps like PET plastics, PP plastics and milk bottles are also included.

What makes Veca different from the others?

Veca provides an explicit scrap-business model with invoices, documents, and system-recorded data for each and every order. Veca is a pioneer in the field of waste materials, which invests and develops a technological application. Veca is directly connected with scrap treatment stations, recycling plants in order to promote the chain of waste sorting, collecting and recycling to become a part of the circular economy. 



Veca’s honored to accompany Tetrapak in implementing the paper-milk-bottle-collecting program. Every kilogram of box will be exchanged for one point, and users could use points to redeem gifts on the Veca app.

Moreover, Paper milk bottles have a purchase price like other materials. Veca expects to build up a paper-box-collecting system that will increase the rate of collection and recycling, reduce the discharged amount into the environment, and intent to construct the circular economy.

IEC Awareness programs are planned and held by Veca according to every customer’s requests.


Awareness-raising programs 

A series of “Guiding for waste sorting and Milk box collecting” programs at 20 apartment buildings in Ho Chi Minh City with a lot of useful knowledge and engaging games.


All families were invited to Veca and Tetrapak Vietnam’s program “Scraps for Gifts - Paper box collection”. During the program, we introduced an appropriate way of waste sorting for households. Veca hopes that through the series, children would grow in their awareness of environment and inform good habits.


“Collection Box for Paper Milk Bottles and Period Collection at apartment buidlings” program

Establishing a process by collecting scraps directly and on Veca App.



Bulky-solid waste collection program at Districts’ Committee in Ho Chi Minh City.


Absolute security, guarantee unrecoverable and copyable doing on destroyed documents.

Proper destruction by rules with legal procedures in accordance with archiving law.  

Zero environmental pollution - Cost & time saving.

Step 1: If you have any demands for our document-shredding service, please contact our hotline at 0911969398.

Step 2: After recieved requests, papers and documents in destroying need will be examined. Veca will send a price quote and make contracts with customers.

Step 3: We will conduct the destruction of overdate documents of your enterprises quickly, certainly in progress and in absolute security.

By trucks, documents will be transported to recycling plants with the trunks sealed so no document would be lost.

Immediately destroying documents in plants as quickly and safely as guaranteed. Supervising the process of paper and document destruction on behalf of customers.  

Veca will provide images and videos of the shredding process as once as completed.

Step 4: After the document destruction, there will be an acceptance, and contract liquidation then cost payment. 

Acceptance: handing over records, certificates of destruction of completely invalid documents.

Sending images, videos of the destroying process to customers.

Veca will issue and send invoice through email address in accordance with the contract of destruction of invalid documents.

Business Model

How to use Veca application